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Here is a description of some of the workshops I offer, please get in contact for further details or if you are interested in booking me for a particular event or venue.

Wall Basketdscf1816

Very useful storage basket, especially in the kitchen if space is limited. Or for displaying flowers. It is constructed like a simple round basket whose bulbous shape is created by a packing weave.

Fruit Picker

apple picker Small basket made on the end of a Hazel stick used to pick hard to reach apples/top fruit. Saves you climbing the tree. I have seen a plastic covered metal version of this but wanted a fully biodegradable one I could make myself. If it breaks repair it or make another. Simple construction using a jig

Willow Craftbasketpics2-014

An introduction to working with willow, an amazing material that grows in abundance in Wales. Using basic weaves and patterns make a selection of small items including mini garden hurdles, willow flowers or small frame baskets. Experimentation and play encouraged!

Frame Basketry

A frame basket uses a hoop and ribs as a sframebasketstructure to weave through to create an age old collection vessel for fruit, eggs or vegetables. It is easy to create beautiful shapes and textures from local woods and hedgerows

Domed Plant Support

My name for this plant support is ‘cathedral windows’, the arches of willow create a visual beauty in the garden as well as a practical doomedsupport for plants in pots or in the ground especially when flower heads droop over. It is based on a 17th Century design. Construction is done using a jig.

Willow Basketry

Traditional flat based basket with stakes and a border, an introduction to the basic weaves and techniques. In a day the average person can make a small round fruit basket.

However if you wish to make a larger item (shopper, storage basket with handles) book in for 2 days). There is a lot to learn for the beginner, be kind on yourself and try and make more than one class.

Finnish bilberry Basket

Basketry has many forms inspired by local need and available materials. The Bilberry basket was traditionally made in Finland over 50 years ago to hold freshly picked berries. It is made upside down starting with a hoop and requires simple techniques, using only a knife. Suitable for beginners but some experience with willow and using a small knife is helpful.

Irish Potato Skib

This is a traditional Irish potato basket, once widely used all over Ireland to strain and serve potatoes.

Variations of the base differ according to where they were made. The main two are the grid and the Joyce country base. Traditionally made from semi-green barked willow.

The Skib is still a practical strong and beautiful basket which can besir-skibb used for collecting and storing vegetables and fruit in the kitchen. It also works well as a tray for keeping mugs in or serving a selection of cheeses.

Irish Creel

The creel is traditional basket of Ireland, very strong and durable

creelcropmade to take heavy loads on the farm. The most commonly used was the donkey creel. In this workshop we make a small donkey creel, using all the traditional weaves and barked willow.

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